Forgoten Realms PHB

I read through the Forgoten Realms players guide and have decide to open up most of it.

Open in Forgotten Realms PHB

  • Races
    • Both Drow & Genasi
  • Sword Mage
  • Dark Pact Warlock
  • Spellscared Multi-class Option
    • If you  would like to persue this I would like to have a scene/story in game where this actually comes into effect.
  • Paragon Paths (All of them)
    • If there is something in a path you are interested in that is very world specific we may need to change the background history of it a bit, but this shouldn't effect how the path is built.
  • Epic Destinies: Chosen is open
  • Feats: All except the ones dependant on channeled Divinity. They are god dependant and we wont be using the Forgoten Realms Religious System.
  • Rituals are all open

Not Open From Forgot Realms

  • Backgrounds: They feel to world specific
  • Everything listed in the Almanac


Venim 12/6/08

Very cool.  I'll have to give it another read-through.  I was going to ask about the Chosen epic destiny sooner or later, but I figured I had some time before I hit 21.  I was kinda disappointed that it's EXACTLY the same as Demigod, but it's still good.


Venim 12/8/08

Very few feats, but they're good ones.  Be sure to check out War Wizardry Josh.  You could really get some good use out of that one.

Forgoten Realms PHB

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